A tree was planted on the Riesling Trail in memory of Graham Mill

Allan Mayfield, Simon Millcock, Peter Wood and Ethel Mill

Riesling Trail Management Committee Chairman Allan Mayfield, Simon Millcock and his mother Ethel Mill and Peter Wood  planting a tree in memory of long-time Riesling Trail leader Graham Mill.

Graham Mill was a long time supporter and former chairman of The Riesling Trail Management Committee . A red stringybark tree commemorating Graham’s significant contribution was planted near Sevenhill station by his family. The event was attended by present committee chairman Allan Mayfield and life time member Peter Wood as well as  Ethel Mill and family Simon and Allison Millcock. The tree (Eucalyptus macnorhyncha) was grown by Ian Roberts of Blyth from seed collected from the Spring Gully Conservation Park.

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