Allan Mayfield, Chairman, Riesling Trail Committee

Allan Mayfield

We are pleased and proud to announce that Clare resident Allan Mayfield has been named South Australia’s Australia Day Citizen of the Year – as well as being our Council’s northern area Citizen of the Year.

South Australia’s Citizen of the Year 2020:
Allan Mayfield (Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council)

It has been said that very few people within the Clare Valley have not benefited in some way from the work achieved by Allan Mayfield. An agronomist by trade, demonstrating strong leadership with a practical and conciliatory approach towards problem solving, Allan has also devoted himself to numerous community events and committees. Allan has increased the profile of Clare, not only in SA, but also nationally and internationally. From securing funding from Federal and State Governments to extend The Riesling Trail, contributing to the community through Lions, to liaising with local governments and discussing issues with landowners.

Comment from Mayor:
The Clare & Gilbert Valleys community is extremely pleased and proud of Allan Mayfield for his selection as South Australian Citizen of the Year.
He has always exhibited a willingness to lead and is a great motivator, having overseen many positive outcomes by way of community events and facilities.
Allan’s skills have been shared equally with young people and adults, who have all benefited from his knowledge and generosity.
As well as a lifelong interest in fitness, Allan has a strong background in agriculture which has allowed him to support the local farming community with specific projects and he has become a ‘go to’ person for farming issues.
A Member of the Lions Club of Clare District, Allan also has a strong community focus and his support of the Clare Valley’s world-renowned Riesling Trail, particularly as chairman of its management committee, has seen Allan continue in a leadership role to drive several key projects.
He has also been selected as our Council’s northern area Australia Day Citizen of the Year for 2020.
An inspirational community leader, Allan is a local icon and someone whose quiet and insightful leadership has contributed to the wellbeing of his community.
Mayor Wayne Thomas
Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council

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