The Riesling Trail provides access to the biodiversity of the Clare Valley region allowing visitors to experience the range of flora and fauna. The following downloads contain detailed information about the biodiversity of the Riesling Trail: Birds of the Riesling Trail (PDF) Two of the signs on the Riesling Trail (PDF)

Allan Mayfield and Lorraine Edmunds

Allan Mayfield and Lorraine Edmunds

Lorraine Edmunds, a former Ranger, now self employed  developed the “Native Birds of the Riesling Trail” brochure  and interpretive signage at the former Sevenhill Railway  Station. Peter Hoffmann designed the brochure. Barney Enders, Ian Roberts and Bill and Pam O’Malley supplied the photographs. This was funded by an NRM  Community Grant. Ian Roberts, Jean Turner, Dave Potter, David Donato and Rob Brinsley provided information about birds, plants and vegetation communities. Riesling Trail Vegetation Survey-Potter&Turner 2013 (PDF) by David Potter and Jean Turner 2013 Clare Riesling trail bird survey 2012-13 (XLS) Birds recorded by David Donato 2012-2013

CV Rocks – Project Background

A chance meeting between Andrew Pike (Director and Viticulturist at Pikes Wines) and Mick Roche (Director and Geologist at Stewardship Matters) in April 2012 led to a discussion on the need to tell the story of the geology of the Clare Valley and its relationship to the grape growing and wine industries. Clare Valley Rocks sign at White HutMick went away and prepared a project brief which he called the “Clare Valley Rocks” project. The two organisations in the Clare Valley, namely the Clare Valley Winemakers Incorporated and the Clare Region Wine Grapegrowers Association, of which Andrew was a member of both, decided to pursue the feasibility of such a project and commissioned Stewardship Matters to undertake the study. In September 2012, the two organisations decided to fund the four aspects of the Clare Valley Rocks Project: 1. Map and Brochure 2. Interpretive signage 3. Soil profile displays at participating wineries 4. Website In May 2013, the project received financial support from the Australian Government under the   Your Community Heritage program. The Clare Valley Rocks Project was officially launched during the Clare Wine Show week at the end of October 2013.

Wildlife along the Trail

Photos courtesy of Maggie Fraser owner of Molly’s Chase, Riesling Trail Business Friend

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