$5,000 cheque from Waterloo Wind Farm Board

Allan Mayfield receiving with thanks, $5,000 grant from Waterloo Windfarm for Auburn Archway.
Photo:  Lindsey Ward, CEO Waterloo Wind Farm board, Hannah Willson, Waterloo Wind Farm Operations Manager, Allan Mayfield, Chairman Riesling Trail Management Committee.

Receiving cheque from Waterloo Windfarm

AGM – Chairman’s Report 2018

Riesling Trail Management Committee

Chairman’s report, AGM, 11th October, 2018

I am pleased to present my 6th report as Chairman of the Riesling Trail Management Committee.  Use of the trail by locals and visitors is continuing to increase – at a rate of 7 per cent each year.  The trail has also been used for several major events this year.  These include the Half Marathon, Cycling Classic, Railway Centenary celebration and completion of the Lavender Federation Trail from Murray Bridge to Clare.  The entire trail from Auburn to Clare has now been resurfaced and plans are well under way to complete the final one kilometre section of the trail into Auburn.

Riesling Trail developments

The big news is that we now have the funding ($320,000) to complete the Riesling Trail into Auburn and so linking directly with the Rattler Trail. This involves rebuilding a 60m long bridge across the River Wakefield, constructing 1km of trail along the old railway track and putting safety rails in place for the crossing at Horrocks Highway.  This also includes clearing some Aleppo pines along the western side of the highway so we have the required line of sight for trail users to cross safely.  We are also planning to improve facilities at the car park at Mt Horrocks Wines (the old Auburn railway station), including seats, a shelter and interpretive signs about the local history.  All being well we should have all of this completed by the middle of next year.

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Train Silhouette Opening

Hon Geoff Brock MP & James Duggen with Mr John Wilson's book

Hon Geoff Brock MP & James Duggen with Mr John Wilson’s book

Clare Primary School children

Clare Primary School children

Unveiling the Plaque

Unveiling the Plaque



Allan Mayfield & Peter Wood receiving his Honorary Friend Forever Certificate

Allan Mayfield & Peter Wood receiving his Honorary Friend Forever Certificate



Steam Train Silhouette

Steam Train Silhouette has been erected at the site of the old railway turntable. Pictured: Steve Hadley [Clare Metal Fabrication], Allan Mayfield and Steve’s workmen, also Peter Wood taking the photo.
The Project will be officially opened at a Ceremony on 4th July to commemorate 100 years since the railway came to Clare. A great achievement.

Steam Trail Silhouette

Steam Trail Silhouette

John Wilson’s book ‘The Riesling Railway’

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John has asked the Riesling Trail to alert our members and business partners that he  will cease taking orders for the book in 2 weeks. He is only printing enough copies to meet orders.  There is a quantity that has been allocated to the National Railway Museum for their “Back to Clare” event on 7th/8th July.  Depending  on how sales of that stock goes on that weekend will  determine if he will be able to supply late requests.  The price from the NRM bookshop will be $110.  By ordering now our members will be sure of getting a copy.  $95 pre-publication price includes pick up or delivery within the Clare Valley.  For the next two weekends there will be a proof copy of the book for inspection at the Wilson Vineyard at Polish Hill River.  Email John on wilsonriesling@internode.on.net if you need more information.



A Canadian couple riding the Riesling Trail.

They had ridden from Auburn when Allan came across them near the showgrounds.

They said they have been on many trails across North America and rate the Riesling Trail as one of the best.

Canadian visitors delighted with the trail upgrade

Chairman’s AGM Report

I am pleased to present my 5th report as Chairman of the Riesling Trail Management Committee.  Every year is different, with new achievements and challenges.  One thing in common is the desire for the Riesling Trail to continue to be an iconic feature of the region with flow on benefits to the community.  This involves maintaining the trail to a high standard and developing further facilities to enhance the Riesling Trail experience ……

Click here to read Chairman Allan Mayfield’s complete AGM Report, held on 16th November 2017