John Wilson’s book ‘The Riesling Railway’

click here for John Wilson’s Newsletter No. 9 and banking details.

John has asked the Riesling Trail to alert our members and business partners that he  will cease taking orders for the book in 2 weeks. He is only printing enough copies to meet orders.  There is a quantity that has been allocated to the National Railway Museum for their “Back to Clare” event on 7th/8th July.  Depending  on how sales of that stock goes on that weekend will  determine if he will be able to supply late requests.  The price from the NRM bookshop will be $110.  By ordering now our members will be sure of getting a copy.  $95 pre-publication price includes pick up or delivery within the Clare Valley.  For the next two weekends there will be a proof copy of the book for inspection at the Wilson Vineyard at Polish Hill River.  Email John on if you need more information.



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